Not All Supplements are Created Equal. Is there really a difference?

As you transition to providing your body the appropriate amounts of carbs, proteins and healthy fats, you also need to ensure that you obtain vital nutrients to support optimal health. The plethora of supplements on the market makes any search for the best options a dizzying process. There is a simple way to find the right vitamins, supplements and minerals for you, but first let’s start with a differentiation between the two types of supplements to choose from: over-the-counter and pharmaceutical grade.

(We will talk about soil deficiencies, toxins and inflammation and why you need to take pharmaceutical grade vitamins and supplements in a later blog.)

Over-The-Counter (OTC) Supplements:

You can find almost any type of vitamin or supplement in your local drug store. They are produced in bulk, often without any oversight. While they can be inexpensive, the quality and efficacy is usually poor. Many OTC supplements contain extra fillers and sometimes very small amounts of the actual active ingredients they claim to provide on the label. Additionally, they can contain unwanted contaminants.

Pharmaceutical Grade Supplements:

Pharmaceutical grade supplements are made of the highest quality ingredients and provide maximum purity, potency, composition and contaminant control. They do not contain fillers, dyes, or unknown substances.  These standards of purity help you achieve the therapeutic benefit you need while avoiding potentially toxic contaminants.

All brands purport to be healthy, from the bargain options at supermarkets and GNC to the more expensive ones at Whole Foods.  But do you really know what’s in your supplements?  Do they really contain the compounds you need?

Only the best brands will do.
Brands which make pharmaceutical-grade supplements are generally only available through doctors and nutritionists.

Doctors and nutritionists in the know only recommend brands with precise formulations and organic, non-GMO’s and allergen free ingredients that they know will achieve the desired results.  These brands are limited to health care professionals because they are a cut above those available on the open market and want to keep their reputations.  No doctor would recommend a general treatment mish-mash product or a magic powder to add to your milkshake.  The human body needs specific compounds made in a certain way, and only pharmaceutical grade products can provide that.

Until recently, these products were only available through your doctor.  There is a new application called TrainerScript which allows individuals to buy those same, pharmaceutical grade products without a trip to the doctor. It does this by asking a few key questions about your health and goals, and following protocols designed by an integrative medicine specialist, creates a custom recommendation which is balanced and safe, and prescribes the specific, pharmaceutical grade products that will best serve your needs. Quality and dosage are the key ingredients that TrainerScript provides you and are doctor researched and recommended.

I recommend you use pharmaceutical grade supplements to support your health and wellness and to help you attain optimal health. While the cost of these supplements may be slightly higher than generic, OTC supplements, the quality, potency and efficacy of pharmaceutical grade supplements are  unmatched. Taking pharmaceutical grade products is the best way to ensure your product is pure and achieves results. TrainerScript allows that without a trip to the doctor.

Take a look at this innovative new app and see if it works for you.  It’s simple and easy, products are delivered to your door with free shipping for orders over $50.  And most importantly, you know you’re getting the same, high-quality products that doctors recommend, with no allergens, toxins or fillers.  Just the precise vitamins and nutrients that you need to succeed on your path to health and longevity.

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