Relaxation, breathing rhythm and visualization are keys to enduring MRIs successfully, especially if you are claustrophobic!

If enduring multiple MRIs isn’t motivation enough not to have a stroke, I don’t know what is! An MRI is probably one of the most uncomfortable tests on the planet, yet one of the most sophisticated to reveal a health problem. And that’s not talking about those of us who are claustrophobic. If you are claustrophobic, an MRI is almost unbearable, unless they hit you in the head with a rubber mallet or otherwise sedate you!

Since I’ve suffered from a stroke, I had to endure not one or two but multiple MRIs. That’s when I developed the following technique. It helped me survive the test effortlessly.

First, relax your arms to your sides or even lightly clasped on your waist, then close your eyes. You never want to look at the inside of the tube. Your breathing should be controlled at all time. Breath in through your nose and out through your mouth.

Relaxation, breathing rhythm and visualization are the keys. Start thinking about something pleasant. Imagine huge open spaces, blue skies, sunshine, mountains, beach, beauty, sex, smiles, laughter, anything other than space and time. The more you think about the small space you are confined in and the prolonged or elapsed period of time, the more anxiety will build up. If you close your eyes from the beginning though, your mind will forget about the claustrophobic, confined space. You will be in a meditative, almost sleep-like state or trance, with vision of open spaces and pleasant thoughts. It’s almost like taking a nap, allowing you to sail through the test effortlessly. Time will fly by with no need for the rubber mallet!