Sugary processed foods may be cheap up front, but they exact a huge price tag on the back end, including obesity, diabetes, cancer and all cause mortality.

Contrary to conventional teaching, genetic defects do not cause cancer. Mitochondrial damage occurs first and this then triggers genetic mutations.

Continuously eating more than your body really requires promotes insulin resistance. Your cells are stressed by the additional work-load placed on them by the excess nutrients. Insulin resistance in turn is at the heart of most chronic diseases, including cancer, and sugar is a key contributor to cancer.

Obesity can promote cancer via a number of different mechanisms, including mitochondrial dysfunction, overeating, excess sugar in your diet, chronic inflammation and overproduction of certain proteins and hormones.

Cancers are preventable through proper nutrition. Avoiding toxic exposures, such as pesticides, is another important vector, one of the reasons to eat only organic foods, especially grass-fed or pasture-raised meats and animal products.

Cancer is a metabolic mitochondrial defect, not genetic and is correctable through proper nutrition. To prevent or treat cancer if you have insulin or leptin resistance, cut all forms of sugar/fructose and grain carbs from your diet.

Overall, insulin resistance is one of the key contributors to a heightened cancer risk and many studies have confirmed that type 2 diabetics are at a greater risk as elevated blood sugar sets the stage for cancer growth. Cancer feeds on sugar.

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